I contributed to my department, college, university, and field in a variety of ways. Below I list a few of my recent administrative and service roles:

Assistant Chair of Operations, Department of English, Ball State University. In this role, I oversee the department schedule (over 400 sections/courses per year), support undergraduate programs, and serve as ex-officio of non-tenure line committees.

Special Assigned Leave Committee, Ball State University. This university committee reviews and ranks faculty applications for paid leave. I have be reelected as chair of this committee.

Teaching Evaluation Committee, Ball State State University. This university committee reviews how teaching is evaluated by departments. When I served as chair, the committee completed a full review of current practices and offered recommendations so that policies are better aligned with the Faculty Handbook.

College Curriculum Committee, College of Sciences and Humanities, Ball State University. This committee reviews all new and revised courses and programs before submission to the college curriculum committee. I served also served as chair, which includes supporting faculty as they complete programmatic changes.